MAG Client Form

Banking details, Fines and E-Tolls 1.Please Be Sure to Leave Accurate Banking Details on the Contract, Should We Not Have Correct Banking Details Then Any Funds Repayable Will Only Be Done So at the end of the Following Month. 2.Motor Accident Group Hires a Rental Vehicle for the Client with a Maximum of 15 Days, however if the Repairs of the Clients Vehicle Extends Longer than the _15_ Day Period, Client Will be Liable for Expense of R299 P/D + Vat Thereafter for the Rental Vehicle. 3. Client will be liable of any and all E-toll and fines received on the rental vehicle during the period that the rental vehicle is in the client's possession.
To ensure that your rental vehicle experience with APEX SOLUTIONS CAR HIRE is a satisfying one, we kindly request your compliance with the under mentioned conditions.
1. The vehicle is supplied on these terms and conditions agreed between APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS and the Recipient of the rental vehicle. The Recipient is also referred to as the Renter as defined.
2. The Recipient must suspend driving the vehicle in the event of any malfunction, suspicious sounds including rattles, grinding, knocking or any fluid leakages and report it to APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS on 060 573 2322.
3. The Recipient must regularly check the correct functioning of the warning lights and instrumentation, which is installed to assist the driver to avoid damage under certain fault conditions. In the event of a malfunction the Recipient will immediately stop driving the vehicle and inform APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS to have it rectified before further use.
4. The Recipient must check and top up levels of engine coolant water in the reservoir bottle and brake and clutch fluid in their reservoirs. The Recipient will be responsible for any damage caused by driving the vehicle with insufficient amounts of these fluids.
5. The Recipient must monitor the oil pressure warning light and the engine temperature gauge constantly to recognize an alarm condition, i.e., when there is loss of pressure or engine overheating. In SUCH EVENT, THE VEHICLE MUST BE STOPPED AND SWITCHED OFF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO PREVENT IRREVERSIBLE COSTLY DAMAGE TO THE ENGINE. The Recipient will be liable for any damage caused by not heeding the warning signals for engine overheating or oil pressure loss.
6. The rental vehicle is provided to the Recipient whilst his /her vehicle is being repaired by MOTOR ACCIDENT GROUP ("M.A.G") who has provided the rental vehicle to the Recipient on the terms and conditions set out herein. M.A.G and APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS shall retain the Recipient's vehicle (handed in for repairs) until all costs to repair non wear and tear damage to the rental vehicle is settled by the Recipient.
7. In the event of a breakdown away from your home, please contact APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS on 060 573 2322 to arrange for a change over or road-side assistance if necessary.
8. Apex Solutions charges R200 insurance cover for the duration of the rental. This R200 is COMPULSORY and NONREFUNDABLE. The Recipient agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Insurance Agreement in respect of the rental vehicle. A copy of the terms and conditions of insurance is available upon request. If the rental vehicle is in an accident, there is an excess of R5000 applicable.
9. Any damage caused to the vehicle while in the client's possession of R5000 and lower, client will be held liable for cost of repair. Any damage with a value more than R5000 wilt result in an insurance claim and the excess of R5000 will have to be paid.
10. In the event of an accident with the rental vehicle, the Recipient shall adhere to the requirements of the National Road Traffic Act.
11. Should the insurer repudiate the claim due to the Recipient's failure to comply with the terms of insurance and/or the laws regulating the driving of motor vehicles and accidents, the Recipient shall be liable for the full amount of the damage to the vehicle or for the retail value in the event of a write off.
12. M.A.G and APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS shall retain the Recipient's vehicle until the excess is fully paid and where the insurance claim is repudiated due to the failure by the Recipient to adhere to these terms and conditions, until the cost of repairs or the retail value is fully paid.
13. The Recipient shall not (leave the scene of an accident for any reason whatsoever unless it is for emergency medical treatment.
14. The car is delivered in a clean state. The vehicle must be returned in the same state. Up to R750.00 will be charged if a vehicle is excessively soiled, Recipient will also have to accompany the APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS representative to have the vehicle cleaned off for proper inspection.
15. The rental vehicle shall be given to the client with 1/2 tank fuel status. Recipient must return the vehicle with the same fuel status. Recipient shall NOT BE REFUNDED for any extra fuel still in the rental vehicle upon return of the vehicle. Should the vehicle be returned with less than half tank of fuel then the difference will be deducted from the deposit paid by the client.
16. The vehicle will be returned when requested by APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS. The Recipient will be responsible for rental charges in the event of any delay in returning the vehicle.
17. The rental period will be extended if a nominated progress payment and recalculated deposit is made in an agreed way by the penultimate working day of the current rental period. The vehicle must be returned or arranged to be collected on the due date in the event of no extension payments being made.
18. The vehicle must not leave Gauteng without written permission from APEX CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS.
19. A RI 500 deposit will be charged for all traffic fines /E-Toll accounts received on the rental vehicle during the time period of rental. Deposit to be refunded at the end of the month that the rental vehicle is returned in, unless the rental vehicle is returned in the last 2 weeks of the month, deposit will then only be refunded at the end of the following month.
20. If the client should receive traffic fines /E-Toll accounts' during the rental period of the rental vehicle, the amounts will be deducted from their deposit however an admin fee of R150 will be charged regardless of E-Tolls /fines, an additional R50 fee will be charged per fine if any fines are received and the remainder will be EFT to the clients banking details provided. If the total traffic fines and E-Toll accounts is more than RI 500, the client will be informed and must pay within 7 days of notification date.
21. Rental Vehicle is the responsibility of the client who signed the contract. The Client is to ensure that the Rental Vehicle is not operated by any persons under the influence of alcohol or any other substances or by any person without a valid South African driver's license.
Apex Solutions POPI Notice and Consent
We understand that your personal information is important to you and that you may be apprehensive about disclosing it. Your privacy is just as important to us and we are committed to safeguarding and processing your information in a lawful manner.

We also want to make sure that you understand how and for what purpose we process your information. If for any reason you think that your information is not processed in a correct manner, or that your information is being used for a purpose other than that for what it was originally intended, you can contact our offices.

Purpose For Processing Your Information
We collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information mainly to provide you with access to the service that we provide. We will only process your information for a purpose you would reasonably expect.

To notify you of new developments that may be of interest to you.
To confirm, verify and update your details.
Provide you with information and services that suit your needs as requested.
To comply with any legal and regulatory requirements.

POPI Confidentiality Clause
Personal information shall mean your first and last name, email address, postal and home address, contact details, your title, birth date, gender, colour, sex, age, physical or mental health, disability, religion, culture, language, education and occupational history, marital status, qualifications, banking details, location and information, biometric information of the person, personal opinions, views or preferences.

"POPIA" - The protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 amended from time to time.

The party acknowledges the purposes of this agreement as parties may come into contact with or have access to Personal Information that may be private and confidential and for which the other party is responsible
Personal Information is deemed private and confidential as it related to any third party who may be directly or indirectly associated with this agreement. It is acknowledged and agreed by the parties that they have the necessary consent to disclose the personal information that may have value.

The parties agree that hey will comply with the POPIA'S Regulations and Code of Conduct that it shall only collect use and process Personal Information it comes into contact with in a professional and lawful manner.

The parties agree that it shall at all time maintain, appropriate physical, technological and contractual security measures to ensure protection and confidentiality of Personal Information that any employees or staff comes into contact with while this agreement is in place.